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High-Quality Product Tanker Fleet

To meet our clients’ needs we operate an attractive and high-quality product tanker fleet that is active across all segments. Most of our vessels are operated in the spot market, primarily through spot market-oriented pools of similarly sized vessels, to maximize fleet utilization and revenues, as well as cyclical freight rate environment.

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Who we are

Hafnia is the world’s number one product tanker fleet. Constantly in motion, we transport hydrocarbons safely and sustainably around the world. Our cargo creates the modern world as we know it. From the energy we use, to the homes we live in – even the clothes on our backs. Being the largest, our pool of ships optimizes efficiency, saves on costs and increases earnings for all our stakeholders; from ship owners to charterers, operators, banks and financial investors.


About us

Putting People First

Hafnia is a company that’s all about people – both the people that run the business and our customers. We’ve always done things differently and prioritized a strong, commercial mindset.

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Stay Curious

Our people are always curious. They ask questions and challenge the way things are done. If you can make a process leaner, take a long-term view and keep things simple, Hafnia could be your next workplace.

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