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The Trusted Forward Thinking Product Tanker Company

Hafnia is all about people. For us our business is about creating personal relationships, being straightforward and having integrity. Our vision, mission and values have been formed so that all our people both at sea and on shore have a set of principles to live by as we carry out our work.



Best on water

At Hafnia, our vision is to be the best on water. With our long history within the maritime industry and commercial, entrepreneurial spirit we seek to use both our experience and bold approach to deliver superior product tanker solutions for our business partners and customers.


Why do we do what we do?

Hydrocarbons create the modern world as we know it.
It is what sustains our communities, drives the economy and builds society globally.
The reliable, safe transportation of hydrocarbons is just about as important as a job gets.
We founded Hafnia knowing we could make a difference to the way the product tanker industry works.
We made that difference through people.
By building lasting relationships.
By being transparent and straightforward from the outset,
Really understanding people and standing by them.
At Hafnia business gets this personal.
This is the only way we can truly understand our customers’ needs.
And make sure our solutions serve them precisely.
We are in this together.



We challenge the status quo and believe we can always be better, leaner, bolder and more proactive, Creating a win-win for all our partners and stakeholders.

For us our purpose is as straightforward and transparent as we are:

We put people first to understand their needs.
We challenge the way things are done.
We change the industry for the better.
We deliver unrivalled transportation of hydrocarbons to sustain the world.


“We put people first and challenge the industry today, to deliver the industry of tomorrow.”

Our Values




As a global organization, we know the importance of collaboration: We all depend on each other, and we value the different perspectives and insights we get thanks to all the different cultures. We are genuine and transparent in everything we do. And we always engage our customers eye-to-eye in order to find the best solution together. We act as a team and respect and uphold decisions once they have been made.


Hafnia has always been a front runner: We aim high, we never settle for the second best, and we constantly strive to do better. Why? Because we know we have to be number one, constantly pushing our own boundaries and setting new goals, if we want to be our customers’ preferred choice. It is nice to celebrate success, but to be honest, we have no time to rest on our laurels.


Reliability is essential for efficiency and success, no doubt about that. From the very start it has been a matter of honor for us to deliver on our promises to our customers, business partners and colleagues: We are punctual, and we always stand by our word. This is simply the way we do business, and as the world’s leading product tanker company, we believe it is our job to set the standard of reliability within the industry.


We serve our customers with a long-term perspective. This is indeed an integrated part of our mindset: To value long-term relationships over a fleeting deal, long term solutions over short-term wins. And we always stand firm when we meet resistance. This way of thinking and acting is deeply rooted in our company’s legacy, and we believe it is the recipe for our customers’ as well as our own success.

Management & Board

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