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Hafnia Pools: 2020 welcomed more pool members despite unwelcome times

December 18 - 2020

New partners and pools: Hafnia has recently welcomed Chemikalien See Transport, Dee4 Capital, OSG, XiHe, and Nisshin Shipping as full-fledged partners within the Hafnia…

Building a deliberate company culture in a large international company: the benefits of a people-first approach

December 01 - 2020

Hafnia believes that a strong company culture reduces bureaucracy and provides employees with more precise guidelines for how to act when faced with challenges…

Meet our Trainees

November 10 - 2020

At Hafnia we have the frequent pleasure of welcoming trainees that provide us with fresh ideas and great energy. Recently we talked to two…

Hafnia reflects on its IMO 2020 preparation, and promotes transparency for bunkering operations

October 07 - 2020

Manifold Times – an independent bunker publication based in the world’s largest bunkering port (Singapore) – spent some time with our very own Bunker Manager, Kasper…

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