Hafnia believes in the importance of understanding the role we can play in sustainable practices in maritime energy transportation. By having a clear approach and strong management commitment to Sustainability, we are confident that Hafnia can become a better company in a better world.

Looking ahead

Making an impact

With a solid approach to outlining and delivering sustainable development, Hafnia is committed to occupying a front row seat in shaping the safe and sustainable transportation of hydrocarbons. By addressing our goals for sustainable development with solid initiatives we believe we can instigate change across the entire maritime sector.

A Win-Win

We want to show the world that sustainable business practices create a win-win situation for all business partners and stakeholders. By increasing the efficiency of our operations, we can benefit the environment and the success of our customers. By looking after the health of our people we can increase safety at sea. By enabling professional development in the workplace, we can enrich our organization and stimulate industry growth. All these factors contribute to a more sustainable, peaceful and prosperous planet.

Get onboard with sustainability

Through our sustainability initiatives we can show our investors the tangible ways that we are improving our company. These actions also enable us to use every resource available within the organization responsibly and effectively – in this way sustainability helps us align with the values of our investors. Sustainability also encourages efficiency and innovation – both principles which are aligned with what Hafnia stands for in its go-getter, proactive attitude. Our sustainability agenda demonstrates that Hafnia has priorities beyond itself and that it seeks to create a better, more prosperous and fairer world for us all. 


Hafnia is committed to being the world’s leading provider of maritime energy transportation services. To that end, we strive to achieve superior financial results while following safe operating standards and high levels of integrity and principles.

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